6 unique wall painting ideas for Living Room

6 Unique Living Room Ideas

If you’re looking to add some personality to your walls and make them, feel more like a home, painting is one of the best ways to do this. While there are many different types of paint, you can use whatever style works best for you and your budget. 

In addition to being affordable, painting is quick and easy for do-it-yourselves (interior design ideas).

Here are six unique wall painting ideas that will transform any living room into the space of their dreams:

• Supersize your artwork.

  1. Use a large canvas.
  2. Use a large frame.
  3. Use a large piece of artwork or multiple elements (for example, if you want to create a depth effect).
  4. Paint your living room walls with bold colors and patterns, especially if they match your furniture and accessories in their style or color scheme.

• Give your room an accent wall.

If you want to give your room an accent wall, use a bold color. A bold color will stand out against the rest of the room and make it look more colorful. If you already have an accent wall in your living space, this is also a great idea because it gives you another opportunity to incorporate art into your design.

If you choose not to paint the entire wall with a single shade (which could end up looking too busy), consider using two different colors next to each other on either side of where they meet up so that they blend seamlessly when viewed from afar. This way, no matter how far back or close someone looks at their surroundings—their eyes will still be drawn towards these areas first due, as well as feel comfortable knowing something is interesting happening nearby!

• Add a bookcase or library wall.

If you have ample space, consider using a bookcase as a feature wall. A bookshelf provides the perfect opportunity to add color and texture to your living room without sacrificing floor space. A bookcase can also be used as storage for blankets, toys, clothes, and other items that don’t fit in other areas of your home.

A great way to make this work is by painting one side of the piece white or another neutral shade such as grey or tan, then adding patterning on top (either geometric shapes or flowers). This will provide visual interest and help tie together different elements within your decorating scheme!

• Try a graphic mural.

A graphic mural is a great way to add color, texture, and interest to your walls. It can be done in any room of your house, but I recommend doing this in the living room because it will make a statement about yourself and your personality.

You may think that painting your walls with pictures or words would be too much work for what it’s worth, but if you look around at other people’s homes, you’ll see that they have unique wall art everywhere! You don’t need anything fancy: grab some paint from Lowe’s or Home Depot and start painting!

• Accessorize one wall with a gallery of picture frames.

Picture frames are a great way to accessorize any wall. They can be used to hang family photos, display art, or even decorate your space with decorative items.

To make the most of picture frames in your home, try adding them to the same wall as one of your favourite pieces of art or decorative pieces. This will help you create aesthetic harmony between the two parts and give them equal attention.

• Paint a built-in bookcase or fireplace wall.

Painting a built-in bookcase or fireplace wall is an easy way to add color to your living room. If you want to paint the entire wall, use a neutral color contrasting the rest of your decor and furniture. A bolder choice would be something that matches what’s already displayed in your room (like an accent wall).

How to prepare the walls before painting:

The painting technique works best on walls that are in good condition and have a smooth finish. You can use any paint you want, but it’s important to remember that latex paints give your wall more texture than oil-based ones.

Before painting, clean and sand your walls, so previous coats of paint leave behind no imperfections or blemishes. If you’re working with an outdoor wall (or any exterior surface), it is advisable to apply primer before applying the color coat itself; this will help prevent chipping or cracking when using the topcoat later down the line! If you feel this part is trickier, then contact professionals to do it.

Why wall painting works best for your living room?

The most significant advantage is that painting is one of the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and most effective ways to update your living room. If you want to add color or style quickly, it’s a great choice.

Painting can be done in multiple ways: 

  • Spray paint  
  • Paint brushes
  • Roller covers (such as Faux Finishes)
  • Stencils etc., 

Depending on what mood you want to achieve in your living room. To paint your walls in E3colors, we use high-end paints like Nippon, Asian, Nerolac, Berger etc. For more details contact us.


I hope you enjoyed the article so far; these are all the different ways you can paint a wall in your living room. It’s time to start. 

The great thing about painting is that there are many options today, ranging from simple accents to elaborate murals. If you want something more practical than an abstract mural but still want some personality on your walls, you can contact us (E3colors), share your ideology, and see it coming live. 

For more designs and ideas to color your home, contact E3colors today!