Exterior wall paint colour combination

Exterior wall paint color combination

Give a new look to your exterior

The colours of your house reflect your personality. Especially the exterior paint with a combination of colours will elevate the forepart of the house. As a quote says,” first impression is the best impression.” so impress the people around you by giving your house a killer exterior look with exterior wall paint colour combination.

You may have imagined decorating or colouring your exterior wall design in many ways, but in reality, you might don’t know where to start!! No worries, we have a plethora of ideas to paint your house. Out of that, we have listed a few of them below. Go ahead, read and get the vision of a perfect white combination and paint your home the way you always wanted.

Exterior wall paint with the grey-blue-white combination:

Grey, white and blue is a simple exterior wall paint to get you started. You can take ideas from this house and paint the house painted with bluish-white or greyish-white.

The steps, pillars and trims will be coloured in beautifully contrasting colours. Similarly, the roof can also paint dark blue or red to complement the light tone colours.

Exterior wall paint colour combination – earth tone:

You can experiment with earth-tone colours for the exterior and can create a harmonious and elegant home.

For a more earthy-looking shade, you only have to mix a primary colour with its supporting colours, like blue and yellow, purple and orange or red and green. The most important thing is that the shade of brown is highly adaptable, which is why it looks fantastic mixed with other colours.

Exterior wall paint with a mix of yellow:

Yellow always gives a pleasant and welcoming feel, and it is a great choice to use in Indian homes, and you can make it the primary colour and make it appear whiter.

Once you have picked the appropriate yellow for your exterior, your next task is to select your complementary accent colour. White trim is a popular combination with yellow, but you can also consider green, grey or brown.

Exterior wall design with white and blue:

Blue and white are perfect exterior paint combos that will give your home a spacious appearance. Paint the lower section navy blue and the higher part with whites that give an organic style to your house. Paint on the exterior will blend with the natural view.

Exterior wall paint colour combination - white and grey:

If you want the exterior wall colour of your house to look subtle, then greyish-white is the colour for you.

Select a light shade of grey and white to create soft outside walls in your home for a relaxing appearance. It is impossible to go wrong by mixing a bright white with a mid-toned grey. The combination of colours can give an attractive and modern look and add an elegant appearance to your home.

Classic wooden exterior wall tiles

Wooden brown tiles are the most classic exterior wall design, and the most well-known elevation tiles are made of wood that you can use to create an elegant exterior style by using these tiles. Wooden front exterior wall tiles are also among the most straightforward patterns you can put on the frames of your home. If you are looking for a warm and cosy home, this is the ideal choice for you. You can choose brown wooden tiles such as,

  • Interlock wooden elevation tiles
  • Herringbone wooden tiles
  • Cube wooden tiles
  • Modern wooden tiles

Types of Exterior Wall Paints:

  • Distemper paint: It is a form of water-based paint that is available in numerous top-quality colours. The main components of this kind of paint are lime, water colorants, pigments for colouring, and chalk.
  • Emulsion Paints: Emulsion is a combination of two fluids that don’t combine thoroughly. For example, water and oil form an emulsion. There is an oil layer within the water. In most emulsion paints, water acts as the solvent or the primary medium or vehicle in which the pigment, binders, and other additives are added. They continue to disperse.
  • Oil Paints: The primary vehicle of oil paint is the oil varnish or the oil in the pigments held. These oils may also comprise poppy oil, nut oil, Tung oil, Linseed oil, and many more.
  • Enamel Paint: The painter applies smooth fabric to the oil-based paint to make enamel paint. The resinous material zinc white and white lead could also be utilized in manufacturing or enamel paint.


We hope that this article will help you pick the perfect exterior wall paint ideas for your house. Colors bring joy to people’s lives, and our home is our happiness since it is where our family reside. Your home is a reflection of who you are and ensure your exterior and interior reflect them.

E3colors are based on your choices and recommend the most suitable colors for you. We insist on using the most advanced methods. When we complete the work, we will ensure your complete satisfaction and value for each penny. If you’re contemplating the process of decorating your house or office, contact us today. We’re excited to exceed your expectations.

Before you color your Exterior walls make sure they are sealed! Use Waterproofing and Damp proofing to seal your wall from heat and moisture. To know more about it visit our blogs.