Modern Texture Paint Designs for Indian Homes

Modern Texture Paint Designs for Indian Homes

What is the first thing you notice when entire a home? Isn’t the colour of the house! Well, colour does some fantastic things to a human brain—a wall is designed to do the same magic to our thoughts. So don’t limit yourself by adding carpets and blankets to your space. Try and add some more lively designs to your wall. You can brighten up any room with natural materials like wood and marble or paints and wallpapers that have reported texture qualities without taking up much space. These are some contemporary texture paint ideas to brighten up your interiors.

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What is Texture Paint?

Texture paint is a unique design which can design with various tools to add character to plain walls. Texture painting can create a different effect on walls. The perfect colors and combinations of colors can make it look almost like wallpaper. It can also cover imperfections in walls and give them a royal look. You can use them on your Exterior walls as well.

Here we have discussed ten beautiful texture painting designs which suit the best in Indian homes.

• Spatula Design:

The spatula design is the most common theme used in Indian houses, especially in the living room and is usually called “royal texture paint design for hall”. It transforms a plain wall into an impression of an antique whinstone wall. It is a noticeable effect that evokes classic settings in modern texture paint designs. The spatula’s effect creates an exciting rustic look to the walls. In E3colors we create it even more aesthetic.

• Colourwash Texture Effect:

This “living room modern texture paint design” gives a cool vibe to your dream house. The Colour wash is a unique and attractive design. A sponge can use to glaze on walls can be used to create a colour wash texture. A paintbrush can achieve a more texture look, but sponges and soft rags create a diffused effect.

• Metallic Dapple Wall Design:

Metallic dapple is available in various shades and can be used to create special effect textures. You can give your wall a special effect with daily usage such as comb, clothes, sponge, canvas, brush etc. It provides a metallic effect that creates an elegant and stylish impact on the wall surface. It is another great texture paint design for the hall and bedroom.

• Brick Design:

Brick wall texture design can be used on different walls of your home; it gives a more earth tone to your home. It is often used as background or contrast to the other wall colours. The brick walls can be used in the garden area to give your exterior a more natural look.

• Fizz Wall Design:

Wall painting with this lively texture will bring life to your space. The effect makes your walls appear covered in thousands of bubbles. This royal modern texture paint design will evoke the childishness of people.

• Criss-cross Wall Design:

Criss-Cross will bring life to your home with unrestrained creativity, echoing as if the child scribbling on the wall. Criss-Cross transforms your “simple wall” into a modern and more fun texture paint design. Undoubtedly, striped walls add drama to any wall.

• Canva Wall Design:

These effects are infused with the joy of life and give walls an artistic touch. The paint in the designs gives a lively tone and blends together to create a happy rainbow effect on the wall.

• Grey and Gold Royal Texture Design:

When used correctly, gold is a beautiful colour. To enhance the gold tones, you can mix them with grey. A beautiful accent wall with a combination of grey and gold texture design would give your hallway a royal look. It is advisable to use less gold and more grey in your patterns to get a magnificent finish. You can ring E3colors because we can give you more opinions on this which enhances the beauty of the wall to the next level.

• Pastel Texture Paint Design:

Pastel colours are very popular these days. As you look closely, you can witness many pastel designs around you. Pastel colour gives a “Royal texture paint design” feel to your living and bedroom, which can be breathtaking. 

• Crack and Peel Texture Design:

The rustic design that you will fall in love with is the cracked and peeled effect. It can be achieved by using different textures and techniques while painting. This texture design is perfect for people who like to have their place clean & tidy and expect to get “WOW” from their guests.

Why should you hire a professional to texture your wall?

Hiring an expert (like E3colors) is safer if you plan to use texture designs on large walls but don’t have any idea. The professional can then take the inspirations that you have found online. You can get DIY kits online, but it is not safe for your hands and walls to get dirty. In E3colors, our experts will help you to pick the best according to your taste and emotion. Because this is you going to see at least 4 to 5 years, it has to be designed to you and your family taste.

Pros and Cons of Texture Design:

One cannot always look at the positive side of the big step. There are a few negative factors you should know before painting your home. The following points will discuss the pros and cons of using texture paint design on your wall.


  1. Texture paints are comparatively low in price.
  2. Even can turn imperfect walls into a masterpiece.
  3. Texture design is also available in wallpaper, which can easily stick and be removed.
  4. You have a variety of options. You don’t have to stick with one colour or design. Play on with your creativity.


  1. Few designs leave a mark on the walls, so it is sometimes hard to repaint or redesign the same spot.
  2. It is not long-lasting. Over a while, you can witness peels on your wall.
  3. Matching pattern is hard. One small mistake can ruin your wall.
  4. It has a high chance of wall damage if not handled properly. 


Though it seems riskier, a professional can give a complete solution to these cons. Here in E3colors, we have a specialized team to support our customers in picking up the color and tone for their homes. So, under the guidance of an expert, it is possible to achieve a texture-designed wall for your home.

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Before you color your home make sure your walls are protected! Use Waterproofing and Damp proofing to seal your wall from heat and moisture. To know more about it visit our blogs.